Stealth Camping Videos

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INTRODUCTION: What stealth camping is, the equipment and skills you will need

SITE SELECTION: The where, why, when and how of selecting a site for best coverage

SETTING UP: How to use your stealth camping equipment and find the ideal area for camping

FOOD: You will be making your own so here are a few tips on how to enjoy yourself

POTABLES: What where and when to drink everything from water to beer and spirits

COMMUNICATIONS: How to use your communication devices in a wise and frugal manner

RAIN: It will rain so use the Stokell scale and still be able to keep gong in the rain

STEALTH CAMPING IN RAIN: How to make sure your experience in the forest is beautiful

WASHING CLOTHES: Some practical suggestions to avoid the launderette/Laundromat

PACKING: The real secret to successful stealth camping is knowing how and what to pack

SHITTING IN THE FOREST: Bears do it. A practical guide with the tongue in cheek